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LIFEHOUSE STUDENTS is a student ministry designed with your teen in mind. We know teens struggle with finding purpose, loneliness, anxiety, temptation and a variety of other struggles. Our desire is to help your teen answer those questions and grow in their love for God and for others.    We meet Sunday's at 6pm, during our meeting we have times for teens to connect with each other,, learn from God's Word and explore their gifts and talents. We can't wait to meet you and your teen!

Saving a place for you!

"How do I find hope when things feel hopeless?"....

"How do I hang on when I feel like I'm all alone?"

  • TALK TO GOD — AND DON'T STOP. And don't stop talking to God. Tell God how you feel and what you're experiencing. Then ask for help to hold on.

  • TALK TO OTHER PEOPLE. You may feel like you have been abandoned and alone, but you're not — even if you feel that way sometimes. On top of your friends and family, our ministry is here for you. If you're overwhelmed or feeling hopeless, let's talk about it. We're here to walk through it with you.

  • REMEMBER YOU'RE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK. You're made in the image of God. You're wonderfully created by a Creator who designed you on purpose. You are strong, capable, and resilient. And when your strength fails (and it sometimes will) remember that in your weakness God is strong on your behalf.

  • CHOOSE HOPE. Hope isn't just something that happens to us. In many ways, it's something we can choose. We can choose. We choose hope when fill our minds with what's good and true. We choose hope when we choose to talk about our struggles rather than trying to handle them alone. We choose hope when we tell God how much we need help. We choose hope when we decide not to give up, no matter what.